Brain Injury Club at UBC

Club Services


  • support the creation of on-campus brain injury support groups
  • present caregiver support workshops
  • follow advances in neuroscience and present the information on campus and/or through social media
  • seek to inform people to dispel any stigma about having a brain injury by conducting open house or online forums about dealing with the brain injury
  • bring Vancouver BIA activities to the UBC campus, such as The Neuroscience of Happiness workshop
  • support brain maintenance through a healthy lifestyle
  • provide menus and/or recipes featuring brain-friendly foods
  • support workshops about preparing brain-enhancing meals
  • be involved in various fundraising activities

Join our club’s support group:


Date: Last Friday of each month at 12:00 pm

Place: IK Barber Learning Centre, Room 315


Phone: 604-773-7276