Brain Gain Fridays

Enhance Your Brain
BC Government Acknowledgements: Brain Gain Fridays is funded by the Province of British Columbia through the BC Brain Injury Alliance.

Friday, February 01, 2018,


in the Inman Room

<Feature 2pm>I pad use” program

North Shore

Neighbourhood House

225 East 2nd Street, North Vancouver 

Feel free to come in, attending fee waived!!

The Vancouver Brain Injury Association (VBIA) offers a free program

 Brain Gain Fridays
(at North Shore Neighbourhood House)
225 East 2nd Street, North Vancouver

Phone: 604-987-8138 for directions

Joani Bye’s        

   “Songshine” Program

      on Feb 08.22.

             March 08.22, 2019

Joani presents “SongShine” program to enhance your brain with music and fun.

Joani Bye

Joani Bye

Performing SongShine

Michael Kerr’s

           “iPad use” Program

              on Feb 01.15.

                     March 01.29, 2019

Michael Kerr, Digital Services Librarian, presents iPad training 


Presentation from VBIA Feburary15.2019 

(VBIA=Vancouver Brain Injury Association)

Please feel free to ask presenter anything you like to know!!


Events Overview

The North Shore Brain Injury Support Group Meeting December 18, 2018
North Shore Brain Injury Support Group meeting in the Evergreen Boardroom at Lions Gate Hospital is Tuesday, December 18 at 7 PM.

Where: The Inman Room, North Shore Neighbourhood House 225 East 2nd Street, North Vancouver

When: Every Friday at 1pm (Sept – June)

What: Brain Gain Fridays welcomes a diverse group of people interested in strengthening their brains. Together we engage in music therapy, art therapy, meditation, neurologically beneficial exercise, social activities and FUN! Vancouver BIA provides brain gain and brain recovery program access to concussion and brain injury survivors in addition to stroke survivors and other brain ailments.

 The Brain Gain Fridays event has neurologically beneficial exercise every week and frequent art therapy, music therapy, games, puzzles, social integration, and fun.

Exercise is for health recovery for improved balance, coordination, and neuroplasticity.  Dance instruction, yoga, tai chi or other exercise promoting health recovery and neuroplasticity are also included in the program. Call 604-779-2472 or email