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You must be RETURNING to school in the fall to be eligible for a Canada Student Summer Job. If you are not returning to school in the fall do not use these links.

 If you started your freshman year in January 2018 please answer “1” to the question about completing how many years of post secondary school. 

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We're Hiring!

Make A DIFFERENCE This Summer…

We are looking for 14 post-secondary students (including graduate students) who might be a future doctor, lawyer, nursescientist, teacher, researcher, business leader, community activist, graphic artist, videographer, social media marketer, administrator, or more!

Vancouver BIA is creating a Brain Waves multidisciplinary team to research, educate and change our culture to make North Shore communities the safest place in the world for children.

Summer Job Openings

Position Descriptions:
All students will be trained Brain Waves Instructor/Coordinators helping to save children’s lives.  We are looking for students to fill the following positions:

1) Social Media Coordinator– A student familiar with the North Shore who has a demonstrated knowledge of social media and who can engage with North Shore students online.

2) Summer Social Media Communications Assistant – A student who will work hand-in-hand with the Social Media Coordinator and who can develop creative digital content, communication strategies and initiatives.

3) Financial Planner – A student with a management or business administration background who will aid with grant applications and financial projections.
4) Nonprofit Online Marketer – A database geek or someone experienced in online payment systems and CRM’s.
5) Advertising Copywriter – A journalism or marketing student fluent in online copy for AdWords,  online content, and landing pages.

6) Videographer/Editor – A student who has expertise in videography, can create video projects and will be responsible for both filming and editing online content.

7) Outreach Worker – The outreach worker will help people with brain injuries and coordinate with other social service agencies to ensure people with brain injuries access their services with full support.

8) Summer Volunteer Coordinator – The volunteer coordinator will recruit and supervise volunteers for research, fundraising, social engagement, or outreach for various Vancouver Brain Injury summer activities.

9) Tech Guru– We are looking for a technically proficient student to integrate advanced IT systems.

10) Brain Injury Researcher – The successful applicant will research advances in brain injury diagnosis and treatment.

It’s okay to be a generalist! All student summer employees participate in the Brain Waves multidisciplinary group to research, educate and change our culture to make North Shore communities the safest place in the world for children.


  • Paid leadership training,  opportunity to make a difference, gain experience serving a worthy cause, and make great connections for your future.
  • Opportunity to create a portfolio of distinguished performance in your chosen discipline.
  • Train leaders to teach neuroscience and brain injury prevention programs OR to research, publicize and support the training.


We require students available for 35 hours a week for 16 weeks beginning April 23 or later and completing by September 1, 2018.

Please click on the blue links on the left to send your resume for CSSJ Summer Jobs to

ELIGIBILITY: Undergraduate,  graduate and postgrad students returning to school in the fall.

NOTE: This position is funded by the Canada Student Summer Jobs grant program. Applicants must be eligible For the CSSJ program. The grant has not yet been awarded.

Do something important this summer!