Carver Policy Governance

Vancouver Brain Injury Association is governed by a board of directors using a policy governance model. As explained by John Carver, the creator of the paradigm, “Policy Governance separates issues of organizational purpose (ENDS) from all other organizational issues (MEANS), placing primary importance on those Ends.” In our organization, directors direct policy and define our society’s objectives and missions, and purposes. The accomplishment of those goals is the responsibility of the executive director, who directs and oversees our society’s day-to-day operations and manages staff and volunteers to ensure that the board’s mandates are accomplished.

For more on the Carver model of policy governance and how it can be applied specifically to nonprofits, Carver and Carver’s 2001 article, “Carver’s Policy Governance® Model in Nonprofit Organizations“, is a great place to start.

The Vancouver Brain Injury
Association Director

A director has two roles, one as an ambassador for Brain Recovery support and the second as an internal role to help inform and direct the policies of the society, as well as ensure that actions on behalf of the society conform to policy.

The director informs and directs policies as an integral part of the board and votes on policy directives. Once a directive has been made, it becomes policy. A policy can be rescinded or changed, but never undermined; the board speaks with one voice through the Executive Director.

The Vancouver Brain Injury
Association Executive Director

The Vancouver Brain Injury Association Executive Director can be relied on to be acting with the full power and authority of the Board of Directors of North Shore Brain Injury. North Shore Brain Injury governance follows a pure Carver Policy Governance model, so the Board of Directors responsibilities is to inform and direct policy.  Board oversight holds the Executive Director accountable. The ED directs the management of day-to-day operations.

Stewardship and Transparency

Vancouver Brain Injury Association is committed to the highest standards of governance and transparency. Vancouver Brain Injury Association employs the Carver policy governance model in which the Board of Directors direct policy and provide oversight and the Executive Director directs operations to execute Vancouver Brain Injury Association policies in accordance with the VBIA mission and mandate.