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Our Mission

Vancouver Brain Injury Association’s mission is to fill a devastating void for Vancouver and North Shore brain injury survivors by providing programs that are currently unavailable and to connect brain injury survivors, their families, and caregivers to resources that are available.

Our Story

Discover the story that led Richard Wagar to start the VBIA. CLICK HERE to read the full story.

Our Mandate

  • To serve as an advocate for brain injury survivors’ individual needs and concerns to the best of our abilities and resources.
  • To investigate the program needs of the Vancouver and North Shore brain injury community and provide those programs that are currently unavailable.
  • To provide a venue through which members of the public may contribute to the support of brain injury survivors and their caregivers.
  • To assist and support brain injury survivors in reaching appropriate agencies and support.
  • To use Trauma Informed Practices (TIP) in our society and to provide access to Trauma Informed Practices training to other agencies.
  • To support inclusion and to not discriminate on the basis of factors including but not limited to gender, race, religion, socioeconomic status, physical or cognitive abilities, age, sexual orientation, or ethnicity.

Our Services


Here at Vancouver BIA we want to alleviate any stresses that arise for survivors of brain injury. This can include but is not limited to the following:

– Meeting with a Lawyer on the clients behalf.
– Sitting in on any appointments be it medical, legal, or otherwise.
– Standing in on the clients behalf for WCB claims.
– Aiding the client in settling disputes with neighbours, landlords, etc.
– Helping the client make sense of documentation, claims, and more.
– Assisting clients to the resources they need be it counselling, legal advice, or otherwise.

Our advocacy work is determined on a case by case basis, based on the clients needs. Often it can be a huge relief for our clients to have the help of someone who understands the struggles of a brain injury and knows the procedures that need to be undertaken.

CLICK HERE to learn more about our Advocacy services.


At Vancouver BIA we strive to be the first stop on your way to brain injury recovery by linking you to the resources you need most. We proudly direct people towards legal, counselling, and medical resources to ensure the all of our client receive the care and information they need the most.  CLICK HERE to view current research and news on our blog.


We currently offer several different programs for people recovering from Brain Injuries. Our aim is to support, rehabilitate, and educate.

Brain Gain Fridays: A great way to re-develop brain elasticity in a fun, social, and supportive environment.

Brain Waves: An educational session for children in grades 4 – 6 that aims to increase knowledge and awareness surrounding the brain and safe practices.

North Vancouver Brain Injury Support Group: Monthly gatherings are a great way to receive the support you need to navigate your journey with a brain injury.

West Vancouver Persian Support Group: This group is conducted in Farsi. Monthly gatherings are a great way to receive the support you need to navigate your journey with a brain injury.

CLICK HERE to learn more about our programs.

Charity Number

Vancouver Brain Injury Association is a Canadian charity, registration number 82988 0392 RR0001.


We gratefully acknowledge the support of:

The City of North Vancouver through their Community Grants program,

The District of North Vancouver through their Community Grants program,

The District of West Vancouver through their Community Grants program,

The Province of British Columbia through their Community Gaming Grants program.