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Our Mission

Vancouver Brain Injury Association’s mission is to fill a devastating void for Vancouver and North Shore brain injury survivors by providing programs that are currently unavailable and to connect brain injury survivors, their families, and caregivers to resources that are available.

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Learn Neuroplasticity Exercise Therapy at Brain Gain Fridays

Fridays, 1 pm at North Shore Neighbourhood House
New President of Vancouver BIA - Shirin Hadizadeh
Shirin Hadizadeh is now President of Vancouver BIA!
Shirin Hadizadeh
New Secretary of Vancouver BIA - Mitra Hadizadeh
Mitra Hadizadeh is now Secretary of Vancouver BIA!
Mitra Hadizadeh
Director of Vancouver BIA - Tony Burrows!
Tony Burrows has been appointed as a Director of Vancouver BIA!
Tony Burrows, VBIA Director
Director of Vancouver BIA - Michael Rowan
Tony Burrows has been appointed as a Director of Vancouver BIA!
Our Services


We have programs designed to educate on preventative practices and to rehabilitate to those living with a brain injury.


We aim to streamline your process by connecting you with the resources you need the most.


We will stand up for those suffering from a brain injury by advocating on their behalf.

Our Programs


Brain Waves

Brain Waves is a half-day,  fun-filled, educational neuroscience program for students in grades 4 to 6. Brain Waves is designed to tackle the growing incidence of acquired brain injury through an engaging and preventative program.

Brain Gain Fridays

Brain Gain Fridays welcomes a diverse group of people to engage in music therapy, art therapy, meditation, neurologically beneficial exercise, social activities and FUN!  Vancouver BIA provides brain gain and brain recovery program access to concussion and brain injury survivors in addition to stroke survivors and other brain ailments. The Brain Gain Fridays event has neurologically beneficial exercise every week and frequent art therapy, music therapy, games, puzzles, social integration, and fun!

Trauma Informed Practices

Trauma Informed Practices are integral to providing a safe and supportive atmosphere to those that have been through a traumatic experience. Attendance by donation!

Support Us


West Vancouver Persian Brain Injury Support Group

Persian neuroscientist Shirin Hadizadeh facilitates the support group meeting in Farsi. The meeting is for brain injury survivors and caregivers helping brain injury survivors and caregivers. Meetings are at 7 pm the first Thursday of each month in the Mountain Room at West Vancouver Community Centre.
We welcome new members!
Call 604-499-8972 or email
to register or for more information.

North Shore Brain Injury Support Group

Our support group encompasses individuals with different classes of injury, from concussion and traumatic brain injury to aneurysm and stroke or any other acquired conditions.  The North Shore Brain Injury Support Group meets in the Community Room in Capilano Mall. Meetings are at 7:00 pm on the  last Tuesday of each month at Lions Gate Hospital’s Evergreen Boardroom.

We welcome new members!

Call 604-779-2472 or email
to register or for more information.

Thank You for Your Support